Snuggle Up This Season With The Best Cozy Fall Home Decor For Your Bed & Bath


There is much more to fall than pumpkin spice lattes and leaves changing color on trees. As the season progresses and the cool weather moves in, you’ll spend more time at home and hang out with friends indoors, so why not spruce up your indoor space with some online shopping for home fall decor?

We’ve put together many fresh home fall decor ideas for your bedroom and bathroom to help you get into the festive spirit. These autumn-appropriate decorating ideas will not disappoint you! There are silk pillowcases, moisture-wicking bed sheets, and pillows that feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. We also have bath towels that will suit any bathroom design. So sit back and start shopping to change up your home fall decor!

Fabulous Home Fall Decor

Plush Beds

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Some beds are too soft. Every time you lie down on them, it feels like they’re going to swallow you whole. Other beds are way too hard, like sleeping on a large rock. The problem with buying a new bed is sometimes you never know what you have until it’s too late to return it. And it’s not like you can test drive a new mattress while you’re shopping. So if you’re tired of throwing money away on the wrong bed or shopping for mattress toppers to fix your new bed, we have exciting news for you! Plush Beds is the answer you’ve been dreaming of.

Shop Plush Beds and get the Luxury Bliss Organic Mattress for your bedroom. Made in the USA with sustainable materials such as all-natural latex and organic wool, this mattress promises restful sleep every time. It features 12 European air vents that will prevent your body from feeling overheated while you sleep. No more waking up sweaty or sticky. No more tossing or turning because you feel too warm. Plush beds promises this mattress is buoyant and has a cloud-like feel, that will keep you ventilated all night long.

Does the thought of unpacking a mattress and hefting it onto your box spring sound like a chore? The designers at Plush Beds thought of everything. The Luxury Bliss Mattress has 6 heavy-duty handles on it, making it easy for two people to lift and position. No more struggling to get a grip on a clumsy mattress.

Let’s talk comfort. Plush Beds provides a 100-night of comfort guarantee on its mattresses. Use the chart available on their website to find the right firmness for you. If you buy this and find that it’s too hard or too soft, contact Plush beds and they’ll send you a replacement comfort layer at no additional charge. Where does the comfort layer go? We’re so glad you asked.

Unzip the top of your mattress, remove the old comfort layer, roll out the new comfort layer, and then zip up the mattress. That’s all it takes to get the comfort level of your mattress just right. Also, because the comfort layer goes inside of the mattress, you won’t have to worry about finding fitted sheets with extra deep pockets like you would if you purchased a mattress topper.

Luxury Bliss Organic Mattress
Plush Beds | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sleep Number

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

The comfort of one’s home starts in the place they spend the most time: their bedroom. With the sweltering heat finally simmering down, it’s time to rethink your bedding and get your home fall decor ready for the cozy season with Sleep Number. Irresistible textures, fabrics that regulate your body temperature, and pillows that support you and your body are what make this brand an absolute must-have this season.

When finding the perfect base for your bedding, the True Temp Sheet Set is the optimal choice for your home fall decor. Featuring 37.5® Technology which continuously adapts to your preferred temperature, your sleep won’t be interrupted by changing temperatures or kicking off sheets. Maintain your ideal microclimate and remain comfortable all night long. Furthermore, these sheets won’t spring off of your mattress (and mattress pad) as other sheets do, forcing you to remake your bed from the bottom up every day.

The SmartFit™ design keeps your sheets snug and secure, no matter how much tossing and turning there may be throughout the night. Thankfully, these sheets are designed to fit up to a 15″ deep mattress, so the depth combined with the SmartFit™ design will keep your bed both comfortable and beautiful.

Incorporate some luxury into your home with the Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set. Whether you are looking for a top-tier luxury bedroom or want to zhuzh up your boho chic bedroom, this texture and available colors will help you to meet your style goals while exceeding your comfort expectations.

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Sometimes, fall starts to feel like “fall” a little later than other years, but that doesn’t mean we want to decorate later. Thankfully, this reversible coverlet boasts luxe sheen and plush softness and is lightweight enough for any season. This polyester blanket is machine washable, too, so low-maintenance luxury is at your fingertips.

With two matching shams, you’ll fall into blissful rest atop pillows that seem like they were meant to support you and your neck. Fall is host to beautiful moments, like heading back to school, family gatherings, and beautiful time spent outdoors, but more activity can often mean more stress and less frequent restful sleep. Choose the comfort and support that you want from your pillow with the ComfortFit Pillow.

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Available in three shapes, choose your favorite to create the ideal position for your head and neck. This conforming pillow features an unbelievably supple Lyocell blend of memory foam pieces and premium down alternative fibers to provide you with the much-needed and well-deserved rest you have in store with these pillows.

This fall, give yourself some love with a setup that will become your favorite spot to hang out this fall with Sleep Number.

Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set | ComfortFit Pillow | True Temp Sheet Set
Sleep Number | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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daily mom parent portal home fall decor

The environment inside your home affects comfort and overall productivity, so having an air circulator is an essential addition to your home fall decor – especially as the temperatures drop and the air is pleasant. The TRANSOM Window Air Circulator makes sure you get a fresh, light, and humidity-free environment efficiently. Its case is weather-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about its protection during rainy or windy seasons. Also, it offers four different fan speeds to suit the needs and is electronically reversible to blow air out (think burnt food left on the stove!).

If you live in a smart apartment and want maximized use for your minimal space, we recommend getting OSCR37 AE 37″ Oscillating Tower Circulator. This slim, tall, and innovative air circulator offers optimized air circulation thanks to its four-touch fan settings, which can move air up to 75 feet.

Moreover, you can enable this circulator with Alexa, which means you can get fresh and light air without moving a muscle.

This 160 compact air circulator is the best in terms of mobility and practicality, thanks to its size, and it makes a great addition to your home fall decor. It has two fan speeds with a pivoting head, so the air is circulated adequately through the room. Besides, it’s super easy to clean; the grill is conveniently removable.

Transom Window Air Circulator | 160 Compact Air Circulator | Oscillating Tower Circulator with Alexa
Vornado | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Delilah Home

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Refresh your bedding this Fall with a new sheet set from Delilah Home! The 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Collection features a 300-count, luxuriously soft organic cotton that welcomes you after a long day and helps you drift off to sleep. Available in 3 neutral colors and sizes from twin to king, you will be able to easily accompany these sheets with any comforter selection.

Extra strong and durable, these sheets are 50% thicker than most and will keep you comfortable throughout the night and into the morning. At Delilah Home, their mission is to combine comfort with responsibility and you can sleep well knowing your bedding is completely non-toxic and chemical-free. Other textiles from Delilah Home include bath towels, beach towels, and kitchen towels.

100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheets
Delilah Home | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Eli & Elm

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Update your bedding this fall with a new pillow from Eli & Elm. If you are a side-sleeper, Eli & Elm has designed a pillow specifically to support side sleepers while conforming to the precise contours of the head and neck. The unique shape of this pillow features a u-shaped design that is made to help alleviate neck pain and promote spinal alignment. You can also customize this pillow by adjusting the amount of filling to reach your designed height and support. Simply unzip the pillow and remove unwanted filling for a soft feel or add filling for a firmer sleep.

Using premium sourced materials, each cover of the Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow is made from incredibly smooth cotton, blended with ultra-fine polyester and spandex for maximum comfort. A pillowcase that is made to specifically fit this pillow’s shape is also available.

Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow
Eli & Elm | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Is your bedroom a haven of peace and tranquility? If not, Nautica has the perfect solution for stylish updates to your home fall decor. Change out your old sheets and comforter with the Fairwater Comforter Set. This set includes one king-sized comforter and two matching pillow shams. Decorated with blue and white stripes, the colors of the Fairwater Comforter Set inspire a calming sensation. Falling asleep has never been easier. 

Have you ever gone to bed warm and woken up in the middle of the night freezing? When you get the Fairwater Comforter Set, you’ll say goodbye to midnight chills forever. The 100% cotton comforter is filled with 100% polyester designed to keep you warm all night long. The best part is that this comforter set is machine washable. Say goodbye to trips to the dry cleaner when you purchase the Fairwater Comforter Set. This set is also a great gift for college students moving to their own place for the first time. It will give their room a sense of maturity and class.

Fairwater Comforter Set
Nautica | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok

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Sunday Citizen

Sunday Citizen Cascais Bath Matt White Marble 2 89ba0a84 7f5f 4dbc 9697 A5dd01cfe92b 2000x

Soft fabrics, cozy layers, and colors for fall are all part of Sunday Citizen’s all-new bed and bath collection. Known for their comfy, cozy bedding and plush pillows and blankets, adding Sunday Citizen to your master or guest bath this season is simple. Whether you are wrapping yourself in a plush bath towel or stepping out of the tub onto their lux bath mat, you will love the look and feel of their fabrics this fall.

The Cascais Towel Set comes with 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 2 Washcloths, and is crafted of the finest Portuguese long-staple cotton. With a light ribbed pattern and plush comfortable fabric, these towels are fluffy and absorbent, keeping you warm and cozy all season. Add the Cascais Bath Rug in a matching color to complement your bathroom decor. Non-slip with a plush, spa-like feel, you won’t have to experience cold feet or the hard, cold floor as you set out of the shower or bath. Measuring 24″ x 40″, this rug is perfect for placing in front of the shower or tub, or in front of the vanity for all the great feels for your feet this fall.

Cascais Towel Set | Cascais Bath Rug
Sunday Citizen | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Snap Power

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

The best parts of fall are the ones we can see, so light up your nights with Snap Power. Available in four different colors and patterns, the GuideLight 2 Plus works with GFCI outlets and keeps your home nice and bright without searching for a switch in the middle of the night. These work with any outlets or light switch covers and can be placed anywhere in your home where you need a little extra light. No more tripping over tails or chairs when you’re wandering for a midnight cup of tea, the GuideLight 2 Plus offers a beautiful, soft light that keeps your home safe and easy to navigate.

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Keep your outlets free while you navigate your home. The MotionLight adapts to your existing outlet, so you can enjoy a motion-activated light (from up to 30 feet away) without losing access to your outlets. Whether you need a gentle light to help you rock your baby to sleep, or you need to keep yourself steady after your midnight snack, the MotionLight adapters are the best option for your home’s nighttime lighting needs.

Snap Power is soon to become the top name in unique lighting solutions for homes across the nation, and there’s no better time than this fall to set yourself up for well-lit success and update your home fall decor.

GuideLight 2 PLUS | MotionLight
Snap Power | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Moms need a way to unwind after a busy day and then they need a night of restful sleep to do it all over again. If you have ever experienced the amazing baby products from Kyte Baby, you will love their adult collection. Immerse yourself in baby-soft pajamas to relax, rest, and recharge.

The Tank Set is a combination of shorts and a tank top that is designed for both style and comfort. The breathable fabric keeps you comfortably cool in warm weather, while the scoop neck tank and elastic waist shorts are cut in a supremely flattering fit.

Made from their amazing, soft bamboo rayon, you’ll never want to take this set off. Treat yourself to the matching Lounge Robe to add to your set. The soft, buttery fabric is light and breathable enough to wear as an outer layer or alone. An inner string keeps everything tucked in place, while an outer belt is sewn into place so it’s easy to tie and never lost and side pockets keep your essentials close by. This is the perfect thing to wear on hectic mornings while running around getting everyone ready for school (and can even be worn in the car for drop-offs!)

Tank Set | Lounge Robe
Kyte | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Mulberry Park Silks

This fall, give yourself the gift of healthy skin & gorgeous hair with Silk Pillowcases from Mulberry Park Silks. They design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality silk products, including luxurious bedding, pillowcases, and accessories. You can enjoy many benefits from these soft, luxurious products, including skin nourishment and protection from conditions like acne, allergies, and dermatitis.

The luxurious bundle of one silk pillowcase and eye mask will help you wind down for a blissful night’s sleep and also add a nice touch to your home fall decor. This 22-momme signature silk pillowcase with envelope closure prevents wrinkles, tangles, and bedhead, while the matching 22-momme sleep mask blocks out light to ensure a night of deep, restful sleep. The moisture-wicking silk pillowcases and sleep mask are handmade and crafted from 100% 22-momme Grade 6A mulberry silk.

For deep, uninterrupted sleep, the mulberry silk sleep mask features a comfortable elastic band, perfect for air, train, and car travel. This dreamy duo will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choose from eleven beautiful colors: White, Ivory, Sand, Silver, Gunmetal, Rose Quartz, Steel Blue, Black, Sage, Plum, Sapphire, and Daffodil. So this autumn, give yourself or someone you love the gift of a perfect night’s beauty sleep with Mulberry Park Silks. 

22 Momme Silk Pillowcase & 22 Momme Silk Sleep Mask Bundle
Mulberry Park Silks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

White Loft


The kids grow up sooo fast, don’t they, mamas? Capture and celebrate every inch of life’s little memories this fall with a Wooden Growth Chart from White Loft.

These stunning six-foot rulers are available in a variety of stains, such as Greystone, Weathered Gray, Rustic Walnut, Summer Oak, and Golden Wheat so they can match your home fall decor. Select your favorite, then customize further by choosing the perfect font to fit your space. Your ruler can even be personalized as well! Mount on the wall with ease using the attached D-ring.

The best part is, no more height marks will be needed on your walls. If you move to a new home, this timeless treasure can travel with you so you don’t miss a single memory. One part functional, one part statement piece, this sweet gift from White Loft will be cherished by your family for years to come!

Wooden Growth Chart
White Loft | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Upgrade your home fall decor and enjoy a good night’s sleep every night with the Hard Rock Home Guitar sheet set. Your kiddos will rock to sleep in the super soft 100 percent cotton sateen sheets. The 300-thread count jacquard sheets feature a repeating custom guitar silhouette with a matte and shiny finish.

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

The Hard Rock Home Guitar sheets come in black, blue, gray, and white to fit every music lover’s home fall decor. The stylish, comfy sheets let you drift off to dreamland so you can be bright-eyed and fresh for every day. The Hard Rock Home Guitar sheets come in twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Hard Rock Sheet Set Black
SOBEL WESTEX Home | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Fishers Finery

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

A good night’s sleep is important, whether you’ve got little ones at home or kids heading off to college this fall. You’ll have all of the tools you need to wake up rested and rejuvenated with home fall decor from Fishers Finery.

Did you know that silk pillowcases can prevent wrinkles, reduce bedhead, and regulate sleep temperature? The 25 Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made from the finest silk and offers a smooth, cooling, and refreshing way to drift off to dreamland. It’s available in a single or two-pack, in standard, queen, and king sizes, and in your choice of eleven luxurious colors.

daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Are you having trouble winding down to sleep because of a spouse who watches TV at night, or a roommate who keeps the lights on late to study? You also need this 100% Mulberry Silk Therapeutic Sleep Mask. Kick back with this cozy accessory and darken the room in an instant. There’s no excuse for poor sleep health or oversleeping for class now, thanks to Fishers Finery!

25mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase | 100% Mulberry Silk Therapeutic Sleep Mask
Fishers Finery | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



Enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about your devices losing their power. Motorola’s ROKR 500 is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand but it packs a punch with sound. With an integrated subwoofer, your bass will offer clarity, unlike other portable speakers. Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, or connect with the aux-in, either way, the tunes will keep on coming.

Meanwhile, the speaker offers the option to connect two speakers with one phone using Smart True Wireless Link technology, and the built-in Qi means that your smartphone (with Qi abilities) can wirelessly charge. There’s even an additional USB-C port so your friends can recharge, too. Power that provides great sound and keeps everyone connected is the best type to have, and Motorola’s ROKR 500 is the perfect option for speakers that will add to your home fall decor.

ROKR 500
Motorola | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Is your bedroom looking dull? Do you need some new home fall decor? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Get the Novogratz Feather Palm 2-Piece comforter set and turn your bedroom into a tropical paradise. Made with cotton and polyester, this comforter set features palm fronds and contrast color-piping. One look at this set on your bed, and you’ll feel like you’re walking into paradise. This set includes the comforter and one matching pillow sham.

The Novogratz Feather Palm Comforter set isn’t complete without the Painted Check Twin Sheet Set. When you look at its shade of blue you’ll feel like you just set sail on the ocean. This set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase. The sheets are made with 140 thread count and 100% cotton.

The Novogratz Feather Palm 2-Piece Twin/Twin XL Comforter Set | The Novogratz Painted Check Twin XL Sheet Set
Novogratz | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home fall decor

Finally, a blanket that does it all! No more toe tucking or fighting to cover your chest. PediPocket is extra long, super soft, and has a brilliantly designed foot pocket. You can easily snuggle to your nose while still covering your toes. PediPocket makes a great home fall decor item, travel item, or holiday gift. This innovative blanket is uniquely and intelligently designed with your utmost comfort in mind. It measures almost 6ft in length and is made with a plush fleece with a soft, velvet feel. The PediPocket blanket is available in several colors and prints and also comes in a kid’s size.

Adult PediPocket
PediPocket | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal home fall decor

A new set of towels is a gift that anyone can use for their home fall decor. The feeling of fresh towels against your skin is incomparable, especially with the Ultimate MicroCotton 3 Piece Bath Towel Set from Macy’s. This set includes a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth in a luxurious, absorbent fabric with classic jacquard borders. Made from 100% cotton, these towels will get softer with each use and last for years.

Ultimate MicroCotton 3 Piece Bath Towel Set
Macy’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your home fall decor. With beautiful bedsheets, plump pillows, big blankets, and tasteful towels, there’s lots in this guide to change up your home’s entire look. So get yourself and your home in the fall spirit with any of these wonderful products. Inviting autumn into your home has never been so much fun! 

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