23 College Must Haves For A Successful Year


It’s back to school time and for many parents this year means COLLEGE! When it comes to staying organized on days you are running around campus, what are the college must-haves? Well, you have come to the right place. This guide has everything you need to keep your favorite student a step ahead, including video software, clocks, backpacks, and more. So, it’s time to grab a seat, get comfortable, and start shopping for all your college must-haves.

Power Up With College Must Haves


InVideo will revolutionize the way you edit videos, whether you’re a marketer attempting to create highly engaging branding ads, an artist of any kind, a YouTuber, an influencer, or a student. Video editing has never been this easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface of InVideo.

InVideo offers thousands of premium quality templates ready to be used, to which you can add text, sound, and effects of your choice. In addition, it allows you to edit videos not just in English but in numerous languages, thus making your video reach a wider audience. This is definitely one of the best college must haves for any creative projects!

Worried that you won’t have the right images for your project? InVideo features more than 8 million photos, video templates, and even music tracks to make it engaging, which means you can create a video from scratch without moving an inch from the comfort of your home. Did we mention the best part? So, instead of spending a fortune on ridiculously expensive video editing software, use InVideo to create professional videos without the assistance of others.

InVideo Signup
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Sleep Number

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Send your college students off with bedding from Sleep Number so they can get a comfy, cozy night’s rest in their new digs! This fall sending your kids off to college will be a little bit exciting and a little bit scary. As parents we want to give them everything they need to succeed, and while let’s face it, we all know sleep might not be their priority, it should be one of ours. Ensuring our kids, big or small, get a great night’s slumber is Sleep Number.

Sleep Number’s Essential Down Alternative Comforter Set is the perfect sleep solution for those teens and tweens who flip-flop from hot to cold all night long. This lightweight down alternative comforter is soft and smooth for use on its own, or with a duvet cover overtop. The Premium hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill means you get all the supple softness and downlike feel without the allergies. Additionally, the ox weave construction means your fill will stay in its place giving you an even amount of comfort all night long. Machine washable too, this comforter is the perfect addition to your college-bound kiddo’s dorm room or apartment as they head off to college this year!

Add a set of the True Temp Sheet Set to guarantee they sleep sweat-free. These incredible sheets offer Sleep Number’s true temp technology which means they will continuously adapt to your body temperature and maintain your ideal microclimate all night long – and its works! No more night sweats or soaked sheets in the morning, Sleep Number’s True Temp Sheet Set are ideal for anyone, adults and kids alike, who want to sleep cool and comfortable all night long. Finally, with the ExactFit™ sheet design, these sheets will stay put! Retaining their shape and remaining snug and secure across your mattress no matter the size/depth, Sleep Number’s True Temp Sheet Set makes every night a great night’s sleep.

Tru Temp Sheet Set | Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
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daily mom parent portal college must haves

Nothing makes an artist feel more alive than watching one of their creations come to life in a notebook or on an easel. This fall, help the creator in your life embrace their talent with the Wacom One tablet. With the Wacom One tablet, they’ll turn the images in their head into a digital reality. Drawing or writing on this 13.3″ tablet screen feels just like putting pen to paper. Your hand will glide across the screen effortlessly. Artists and animators will love the included pen because the software it uses allows users to pick different colors and line widths so they can perfect every creation.

Do you have a college student who’d prefer to take notes on a tablet? The Wacom One tablet is perfect for taking notes during lectures, especially when using the included Bamboo Paper app, making this one of your college must haves. For students or professionals, the Wacom One is a versatile tablet that will make learning or working from home easier.

You can link the Wacom One to either a Mac or Windows Computer and use it as a second monitor when needed. It will also link to certain Android tablets and some smartphones. The Wacom One includes a 12W AC adapter and an AC plug head. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.13 and later, and Chromebook.

Wacom One
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Big Blanket Co.

daily mom parent portal college must haves

Heavier than a Chihuahua and larger than your king-sized comforter! If you love to snuggle under a blanket you need the Premier Plush™ blanket by Big Blanket Co. This 10′ x 10′ blanket is ultra-soft and super-snuggly. It’s 100 square feet – large enough for the whole family and a few fur babies to snuggle under. No more fighting over the blanket! Take this blanket on every family adventure. Use it for building forts in the living room or backyard camping adventures.

The Big Blanket is also a great gift for a new college student moving into their own place for the first time, and definitely one of your college must haves. Whether they are in a dorm or apartment this blanket is a smart choice because they can bring it from the living room or common area to their bedroom and it’s an all-purpose bedding solution!

daily mom parent portal college must haves

This all-season blanket is perfect year-round. It’s breathable and will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The billowed texture is soft and ideal for hiding unsightly pet fur. Speaking of pets, the Premier Plush™ blanket is machine washable. Yes, that’s right. Every last square inch will fit inside your washing machine and dryer. Removing pet fur, grass, and picnic crumbs has never been easier.

Premier Plush™ Blanket
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daily mom parent portal college must haves

As the kids head back to school, some of us may still be staying behind to work from home. Make sure you have all of the essentials for work and school covered this year with Quartet!

The Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board is a gorgeous, incredibly functional addition to any home office. With a white writing surface, it is available in multiple sizes, such as the 48″ x 36″ (4′ x 3′) version shown here. Whether you are keeping track of KPIs and work priorities or using it to manage the weekly menu, sports schedules, and your household, there’s no better way to display items that need to be top of mind! As a bonus, it’s magnetic also, so you can easily add kids’ art, recent vacation photos, and more.

Looking for a great bulletin board for the kids’ rooms? Add a Standard Combination Whiteboard/Cork Bulletin Board to the cart as well. Part bulletin board and part whiteboard, this super-efficient surface is a great way to organize their space and display important mementos. The beautiful oak finish frame will go with any decor, and sizes come into options to match your needs, from 3′ x 2′ to 4’ X 3’.  This can definitely be one of your college must haves if you want to organize your schedule and tests or assignments.

What are you waiting for? Get organized this back-to-school season with Quartet!

Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 48″ x 36″ (4′ x 3′), White Surface | Standard Combination Whiteboard/Cork Bulletin Board, 3′ x 2′, Oak Finish Frame
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daily mom parent portal college must haves

Monos has everything you need for your next adventure. Traveling through crowded airports with multiple pieces of luggage can be a nightmare. That’s why Monos has designed its luggage to tackle the toughest traveling issues so you can enjoy your vacation.

Their collection of luggage is simple and practical, allowing you to organize all of your belongings while at the same time, providing a sleek design that makes getting to your connecting flight painless and stress-free. These are great college must haves, for those trips back home for the holidays! Check out our favorite pieces!

If you make frequent trips for business or pleasure, get the Metro Backpack! The Metro Backpack is water-repellant and made with vegan leather. The main compartment opens all the way up and lays flat, allowing you to organize its contents quickly and painlessly. The rear zippered pocket is a dedicated laptop sleeve, accommodating devices up to 15″.

We love how easy it is to access the laptop. No more digging through your personal belongings to find it. Our favorite feature is the trolley sleeve. It secures the backpack to a suitcase handle, keeping everything secure and in place. No more having your luggage fall while you’re racing through the airport.

daily mom parent portal college must haves

The Metro Backpack also comes with a QuickSnap™ Modular Kit System and we’ve never been more excited. Use the included Metro Classic Kit with the Modular Kit System and keep everything you need right at your side. It attaches to the outside of the Metro Backpack and unlatches with the push of a lever. Before stowing the backpack in the overhead bin, remove the Metro Classic Kit and keep your essentials at your side.

This water-resistant pouch is made with vegan leather and has plenty of storage including pockets for a power bank and wallet. It’s the perfect place to store your overnight items such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, a comb, and travel-sized shampoo. After hours on an airplane, you’ll love being able to take it with you to the in-flight restroom to brush your teeth.

If the Metro Classic Kit isn’t big enough for you, grab the Metro Folio Kit. It’s wider and flatter than the classic kit. Store your overnight essentials along with a small e-reader or tablet. Everything you need will be at your side while you’re traveling in the air. Elastic loops will keep your pens and stylus secure. The Folio kit also attaches to the Metro Backpack using the QuickSnap™ Modular Kit System.

When it’s time to deboard the plane, you’ll be able to effortlessly snap the folio kit to the back of the Metro Backpack. After you’re off the plane, toss the backpack over your shoulder and set off on your adventure.

If you’re a wayfarer or jetsetter, get one of these hot travel items by Monos. Monos makes it easy for you to enjoy your vacations by providing high-quality luggage designed with you in mind. What are you waiting for? Add these great college must haves to your shopping cart today!

Metro Backpack | Metro Folio Kit
Monos | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | TikTok

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daily mom parent portal college must haves

The next time you go camping, consider Repurpose for your paper product needs. Washing dishes can be complicated on a campsite. Get the Compostable Dish-Free Dinner set and enjoy all your meals without having to worry about cleanup after. This set is large enough for your whole camping party and they’re also compostable, reducing the amount of trash you collect during your stay in the woods. These are also college must haves for students who simply don’t have time for washing dishes. The Compostable Dish-Free Dinner Set includes:

  • 100 straws
  • 80 Cold Cups (12 oz)
  • 132 plates (9 inch)
  • 96 Forks
  • 72 Spoons
  • 60 bowls (16 oz)
daily mom parent portal college must haves

Stock your family up on essential paper products so you have plenty when tent or RV camping this fall. For families of 3-5, The Big Four, (large), provides 8 rolls of toilet paper, 4 rolls of paper towels, 36 (13-gallon) trash bags, and 50 (3-gallon) trash bags. The paper towels can be tossed into the compost bin after each use. The trash bags are BPA and phthalate-free. This means every time you purchase the Big Four, you’re significantly reducing the number of toxins you introduce into your home.

The Big Four | Compostable Dish-Free Dinner Set
Repurpose | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | TikTok


daily mom parent portal college must haves

If you have a student heading off to college, stock them up with their own supply kit of high-quality bath and body accessories with these great college must haves. Cleanlogic has a complete collection of self-care products that help promote good hygiene and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For a variety of best-sellers, the Home Spa Pack is the ultimate kit of essential bathing accessories. You will appreciate the feeling of a deep clean as these products provide a better lather as soap spreads more easily all over your body and these unique blends of materials ensure a smoother, more even exfoliating experience.

daily mom parent portal college must haves

This kit includes:

  • Cleanlogic Bath and Body Dual-Texture Body Exfoliator – Sensitive Skin
  • Cleanlogic Bath & Body Dual Texture Face Cloth
  • Cleanlogic Sport Exfoliating Stretch Cloth
  • Cleanlogic Sustainable Exfoliating Bath Gloves
  • Cleanlogic Detoxify Purifying Dual Texture Facial Buffers
  • Cleanlogic 4 in 1 Foot Buffer and Brush
  • Cleanlogic Sport Facial Mitt
  • Cleanlogic Charcoal Sea Foam Sponge
  • Cleanlogic Sustainable Pouf

Avoid slippery soap bars and utilize the Bath and Body Exfoliating Soap Savers to not only save on wasting soap but also to benefit from exfoliating and polishing properties, which are awesome college must haves for students who need to save every dollar.

You just place any bar of soap inside the pouch on this exfoliator for a rich lather and polish up dry, damaged skin and deep clean pores. The exfoliator will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. Massage your body in circular motions with this soap saver to remove the dry skin and dead skin cells blocking your pores. 

Exfoliating regularly can help increase circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage and promote smoother skin. For a traditional loofa, the Body Mesh Sponge trio is a 3-pack of plush shower sponges that help to rinse and reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

When paired with your favorite body wash, this ultra-soft mesh creates a rich, soothing lather. Restore radiance to your skin while cleansing with the firm bristles of the Wooden Handle Bristle Bath Dry Brush made from 73% bamboo. This natural bristle bath brush easily scrubs hard-to-reach areas to provide a deep, full-body clean. 

Home Spa Pack | Bath and Body Exfoliating Soap Savers | Body Mesh Sponge Trio | Wooden Handle Bristle Bath Dry Brush
Cleanlogic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Remote working has now become the norm, but it has its drawbacks, one of which is miscommunication, which can lead to disasters. Berrycast, on the other hand, saves you from this by making communicating what you mean less stressful and more efficient through its functional features.

Unlike the other screen recorders, Berrycast doesn’t have an overly complex interface and is simple to use for businesses and individuals alike. You can use Berrycast to make tutorials, explain the work nature to your client, boost your business, or record a lecture for your students. This can also be a great tool for students, and one of the best college must haves available.

In addition to that, you can have fun explaining memes to your friends who fail to get them, teach them any difficult explanations via video, or make yourself some video notes that you can get back to anytime – for work or play. So, save time, money, and energy and use Berrycast to boost productivity and avoid any blunders in the future.

Berrycast Free Trial
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daily mom parent portal college must haves

With college-bound kids heading backing to campus, it’s important to protect your tech with a Tech Case from WELLinsulated. Over two years, experts in aerospace engineering and top designers worked on creating the sleek, lightweight laptop case. It is made with luxurious vegan leather and is intended to protect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, as well as most 12- to 14-inch laptops or tablets. Thanks to the high-performance insulated aluminum lining that doubles as protective padding, the Tech Case will also guard against germs and scratches.

The water-resistant zipper prevents moisture and humidity from entering while protecting you against leaks and spills. These cases are college must haves, as laptops are essential for students. The WELLinsulated Tech Case protects your device from everyday use so that you can focus on more important things, such as getting to class on time!

Tech Case
WELLinsulated | Instagram

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Ricardo Beverly Hills

daily mom parent portal college must haves

Send your high school graduate off in style! Give them the Rodeo Drive 2.0 Convertible Fashion Tech Backpack. Whether they’re using it for classes or weekend trips home, we know they’ll love its versatility. This Fashion Tech Backpack has a spacious interior that can hold a 13″ laptop and a tablet. It’s also water-resistant which means if your favorite collegiate gets caught in the rain on the way back to the dorms, their precious contents won’t get waterlogged, making these backpacks definite college must haves. The front exterior pockets are great for storing cell phones, car keys, and a wallet.

The Convertible Fashion Tech Backpack is also the ideal carry-on bag. Traveling with this backpack has never been easier. It has a pass-through sleeve for connecting it to the handle of another suitcase, making trips through the airport much easier. Store it under the seat or in the overhead bin of an airplane. The interior pockets will keep charging cords and other small items safe. It also has two easy-access zip pockets and a charging battery pocket ideal for keeping your devices charged while you’re on the go.

Rodeo Drive 2.0 Convertible Fashion Tech Backpack
Ricardo Beverly Hills | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | LinkedIn | TikTok

Decent Living

As kids and college students return to school, it’s time to stock up on supplies to get the school year going. However, supplies don’t always have to be about pens, pencils & backpacks. Decent Living decorates your kid’s dorm room or junior high kids’ bedrooms with elegant contemporary, minimalist products that combine functionality with gorgeous design and expert craftsmanship.

The Wooden Phone Stand Amplifier and Wooden Desk Clock are unique pieces that are the perfect addition to any dorm room or bedroom. With the Wood Phone Stand, you can enhance the sound quality of your favorite music by three times without any power source, and you can also use it as a convenient stand for your smartphone. Crafted from black walnut wood from the U.S, this beautiful stand will add a touch of natural sophistication to your space. Blast music with friends when working on projects or use it for relaxation after a long day of classes.

Next, add the tabletop modern Wooden Desk Clock to keep track of time. This beautiful clock is cut from German beech wood using laser technology, then hand-sanded and waxed to perfection with natural oils. This classic timepiece will add a touch of elegance to your room with its sophisticated design. This autumn, Decent Living will help decorate your bedroom or dorm room with classy decor to spruce up your space and prepare you for the school year. Both the phone stand amplifier and desk clock are college must haves to spruce up your favorite student’s living space!

Wooden Desk Clocks | Wooden Phone Stand Amplifier – Walnut
Decent Living | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal college must haves

RobeCurls is the innovative solution that literally curls your hair while you sleep, leaving you with gorgeous, bouncing curls in the morning without having to do a thing!

The RobeCurls Curling Headband upholds effortless 1” – 1 ½” curls that are customizable for cozy sleeping or on-the-go styles. Just wrap, wear, and rock! RobeCurls gives more control to all hair types with a heatless approach to calm frizz and reduce breakage. Each Curling Headband features eco-friendly materials that are machine washable with anti-microbial and antibacterial properties to keep it fresh all day long.

Skinny Scrunch is a pack of satin scrunchies that are designed to provide reliability when you need it most with stress-free styling wherever the day takes you. These scrunchies can be very practical college must haves for students who are short on time. The antimicrobial material is breathable with functional elements created to give you the best design a scrunchy has to offer for all hair types. With the structure of the Skinny Scrunch™, you can feel confident that your hair is well taken care of with a secure feel that lasts all day long.

Curling Headband | Skinny Scrunch
RobeCurls | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok


daily mom parent portal college must haves

Stay on track with your fitness goals when you get the Blendi Pro Plus. This 17.5 oz. portable, cordless blender makes it easy for you to fix nutritious and tasty smoothies anywhere. Use it to blend fruit, crush ice, and mix sports drinks. It comes with a BPA-Free measuring cup, a spout top, the blender base, and a mini USB charging cord. Plug it into a USB charger and in no time, your Blendi Pro Plus will be good for the next 15 blends.

Stay nourished and hydrated when you’re running from one class to another. Use the Blendi Pro Plus while you’re in your car or sitting on a bench during football practice. When you’re finished with your smoothie, rinse out the Blendi and switch out the blending base with the conversion base so you can turn your Blendi Pro Plus into a water bottle. Don’t let mealtime slow you down. Get going with the Blendi Pro Plus.

Blendi Pro Plus
BLENDi | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Uber Appliance

After a long day of classes, it’s nice to come home to a big bowl of a delicious dairy-free frozen treat! Enjoy homemade sorbet without adding any calories with the Uber Appliance Sorbet Maker! You can turn your healthy foods into sorbet by freezing them in the handy tray, then loading them into the handy machine.

Then, hit the single power switch for an automatically perfect, smooth sorbet made in just minutes. These appliances are the perfect college must haves, giving you something nutritious for dessert every day.

You can create a delicious breakfast blend using fun flavors or prepare an after-dinner treat with banana chocolate that everyone will enjoy. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied while you lose the fat, sugar, and artificial flavorings. How awesome is that? This easy-to-clean Sorbet Maker by Uber Appliance will become your favorite kitchen appliance for dessert; we guarantee it!

Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt Maker Machine 
Uber Appliance | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Stone & Clay

It can be cumbersome to make good coffee in a dorm room, and there isn’t much space to spare, so you’ll need the Stone & Clay Modern French Press! This handy item will become your new best friend and definitely on your list of college must haves, giving you flavorful, full-bodied coffee right at your fingertips. This elegant press always brews the best cup of coffee quickly without much effort. It is made from high-quality food-grade materials and is crafted with stainless steel to ensure superior performance and heat insulation.

The press can hold one liter of liquid, which is large enough to provide a week’s worth of cold brew (8 glasses). The press is double-walled with a beveled lid that locks in heat and flavor. Each time you pour coffee, you’ll be able to press and pour a fresh cup with ease thanks to its durable, cool-touch wood handle, stainless lid, and grooved pour spout.

Whenever you have to cram for a test, you’ll be glad to have the Modern French Press on hand. Your college-bound son or daughter will love the Stone & Clay French Press and use it daily to get their day started right!

Modern French Press
Stone & Clay | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

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Sound of Sleep

daily mom parent portal college must haves

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for having a successful day of school. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, the LectroFan will be your go-to resource. The LectroFan is a personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night’s sleep and peaceful rest which are definite college must haves for the studying student.

The LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise. There is also a sleep timer that automatically shuts down your LectroFan after you’ve drifted off to sleep.

The LectroFan is also the perfect travel accessory when you add the LectroFan Travel Case. The clamshell design protects your LectroFan and fits easily in carry-on luggage so you can have it available when you need it during your travels.

LectroFan Classic | LectroFan Travel Case
Sound of Sleep | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin


daily mom parent portal college must haves

Whether you’re taking your kid to college, going back to work, or just considering all the necessary parts of bedtime for your kids, one thing we can’t live without this time of year is a fan (trust us, we tried). Sweat no more this year with the addition of the WOOZOO HE18 Oscillating Fan from Iris USA. These fans are college must haves, so students can focus on their classwork rather than the searing heat.

This personal circulating fan is perfect for the office, home, or dorm room, as it offers powerful cooling air in a compact tabletop design to save precious space. The adjustable fan head pivots vertically from 20 to 90 degrees, with three speed settings on the tabletop circulator to meet your cooling needs with minimal noise. Furthermore, the 55″ cord makes it easy to reach any outlet.

WOOZOO HE18 Oscillating Fan
Iris USA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal college must haves

Is it just us, or has your phone charger mysteriously migrated to the kids’ rooms each time you go to use it also? Trust Benks to ensure your devices are fully powered for school, work, the carline, waiting around at sports practices, and more!

The MagClap™ 2-in-1 Wireless Charger does double duty, enabling not one, but two devices to be powered up and ready to go. Available in black or white, this charger blends well into most home decor, so it becomes a perfect addition to your nightstand, desk, or kitchen counter. Best of all, it works fast, with 15W of power. Within 30 minutes, your iPhone 12 or 13, or AirPods will be charged up to 50%. These chargers are college must haves all students need their devices charged and ready to go!

The strong magnet holds devices in MagSafe-compatible cases securely, in the stand adjusts 15° to best suit your needs. Watch a video on your phone hands-free while it charges, as your AirPods rest quietly beneath. With Benks, boost your power across multiple devices and make back-to-school tech shopping a breeze!

MagClap™ 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
Benks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok

Amazon Echo

daily mom parent portal college must haves

Schedules and studying tend to go out the window during the summer, but the carefree days of vacations, camps, and playdates are coming to an end. Get your kids back on track for another school year with an Amazon Echo. With Alexa-enabled, your Echo has a plethora of skills that can help get your kids ready for another year in the classroom including a wake-up clock, 1-2-3 math skills, word of the day, daily routines, brainteasers, timers, and more.

And when your kiddos need a break, just ask Alexa to play your favorite jams. Echo devices are also college must haves as they provide so much information and functionality all in one product! Our Echo was a lifesaver during our year of remote learning, and now we can’t live without it.

Amazon Echo
Amazon | Facebook | Twitter |Instagram


daily mom parent portal college must haves

Send your college students off with the Sabre Door and Window Alarm Kit. This kit includes an attention-grabbing alarm that will stop intruders in their tracks. The home mode doesn’t have an entry delay. If someone forces entry while your student is in their room studying, the alarm will sound immediately when triggered in home mode. And it can be heard up to 750 feet away.

The extremely loud 120 dB alarms help wake and alert a homeowner or renter as well as help deter intruders and possibly notify neighbors. The alarm is secured by your 4-digit PIN with entry/exit delay (away mode) and no-delay (home) and no key fob is required. College must haves for security don’t get better than this!

Door and Window Alarm Kit
Sabre | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok


Keeping your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes is easy with STNKY’s Washable XL Laundry Bag! College students need these multipurpose washable laundry bags to separate clean clothes from dirty ones. STNKY Bags are so compact they easily fit into your luggage, a backpack, or a gym bag. In addition, these bags are an eco-friendly solution that avoids using plastic bags that harm the environment. This sanitary bag isolates dirty gear, keeping germs and odors contained, so you never have to touch it again until it’s clean, making it perfect for college-bound kids transporting dirty laundry home from the dorm.

To use the STNKY Bag as a wash bag, simply open the bottom zipper, turn it inside out, and you are ready to go! The STNKY Bags can be washed and dried at any temperature. The bags are available in standard and extra large,  burgundy or black. Add these fantastic laundry bags to your college must-haves list for your favorite college student.

STNKY Bags Pro 
 STNKY | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Clean Age

daily mom parent portal college must haves

Everyone either remembers or has heard about the bathroom situation in dorm life. The Waves Essentials Kit will be college must haves for every student. Clean Age meets the needs of today’s Gen Z for gender-neutral personal care essentials that are all-natural and smell great. From deodorants and hand sanitizer to oral hygiene products, teens can feel comfortable in their own skin. Each product in this kit is recyclable, bamboo, biodegradable, and creatively different from contenders, such as milk carton packaging for the toothpaste tabs! The Waves Essentials Kit includes:

• Waves Deodorant: our powerful formula with a wash of sand and surf

• Toothbrush: bamboo and biodegradable down to the last bristle

• One-month supply of mint toothpaste tabs: fresh overdrive every day

• Unscented 1.7oz hand sanitizer: keeps working for 6 hours

Waves Essentials Kit
Clean Age | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Using this guide, you can ensure you have everything you need for your first day at college. We have backpacks that will keep your books & other essentials safe, as well as easy-to-use kitchen appliances that are compact, including a sorbet maker and french press. These super-functional college must haves will allow your student to start their new school year on the right track! 

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