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Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Most kids are fascinated by colors and all things magical. And rainbows are nature’s wonder that leaves children awestruck. Rainbows appear after a storm passes away, and light reflects on rain’s water droplets. Children are always curious about how this beautiful rainbow arch forms. Aren’t they?

Introduce your child to this beautiful optical phenomenon through preschool rainbow activities. It also helps in enhancing a child’s creative ability as you engage them in colorful rainbow-themed art projects, DIY, crafts, and more (1).

15 Rainbow Activities For Preschoolers

There are many ways to integrate rainbows and learn about this nature’s wonder through art and crafts. Here are some of the best rainbow activities for preschoolers that you may try for your little one.

1. Play-doh

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Use the play-doh to roll into strips. Now, arrange them in an order similar to rainbow colors. Ask the children to curve these strips and give an arch shape to them, resembling a rainbow in the sky. This activity also helps in improving hand-to-eye coordination and motor practice.

2. Wool art

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To make yarn-wrapped cloud rainbows and cloud pom-poms, you’ll need a pair of scissors, colored wool, glue, and cardboard. Stitch the wool together in rainbow colors. Now, stick this rainbow on cardboard using glue. Your wool art is ready!

3. Colored sand

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You’ll need paper, sandpaper cups, and paint. Mix some sand and color in separate cups. Now spread the colored sand on the paper in the same order as a rainbow.

4. Thumbprint

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For this rainbow activity, you’ll need paint and paper. Make the children dip their fingertips in paint and imprint them on the paper. Instruct the children to use only the seven colors of the rainbow to result in abstract rainbow art.

5. Beaded rainbow

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Use beads in the shades of a rainbow to make a wall hanging. Once all these beads are in place, glue them together. Your child can gift this beaded rainbow craft to their friends or hang it in the room. This activity helps in improving their focus and hand-eye coordination.

6. Colored tape

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For this activity, you would need cardboard and colored masking tape. Grab cardboard and stick these tapes forming a rainbow pattern. Easy!

7. Ice cream sticks

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Grab some ice cream sticks and a canvas for this simple yet entertaining rainbow activity. Dip the sticks in the colors of the rainbow and go wild on the canvas.

8. Colored paper

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For this activity, you’ll need seven different colors of paper, cut them into the shapes of raindrops, hang them in order. Now, make 3D Clouds and raindrop garland. Your kids may get thrilled with the result.

9. CD chandelier

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Hang CDs one under the other in a chandelier pattern and place them in the sun or near a light source. This will teach the kids how simple light reflects into seven different colors. This activity also helps them build their logical and analytical skills as they learn about science through the concepts of light.

10. Colored ice

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All you need for this activity are food colors and water. Mix the colors and freeze them into ice cubes. Now, add these rainbow cubes to your child’s juices and witness their excitement.

11. Glitter rainbow

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You’ll need glitter in seven shades of a rainbow, glue, and paper. First, spread glue across the entire paper. Then sprinkle the glitter on the glue. The glitter is like pixy dust for the kids; they would be mesmerized by this creation.

12. Sponge rainbow

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Painting with a sponge on the easel may intrigue your little one. Here’s what you will need: a sponge and water paints in rainbow colors. Let the children start by dipping the sponge in paints to form a rainbow. You may assist them in performing this activity to avoid getting messy.

13. Food color and sugar paste rainbow

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Mix food color and sugar paste to form the seven colors of a rainbow. Now, ask the children to apply a strip of this mixture in each color to the bread. Voila! Let them relish this sweet-savory. Your child may want to try this snack idea every day.

14. Vegetables and fruits rainbow

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Vegetables and fruits come in all shapes and colors. You can form a beautiful rainbow using these fruits and vegetables, as depicted in the image above. While performing this activity, you may also explain the importance of each fruit or vegetable to your child. Talk about the nutritional value, vitamins, and minerals too.

15. Ribbon wall hangings

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For this activity, you would need ribbons in the shades of a rainbow. Cut them in equal sizes and tie them together. You may also make a banner with these rainbow ribbons or hang them as it is. This craft idea can be used for birthdays, kids’ parties, or even as wall décor for their room.

Learning about the rainbow through these fun activities is an exciting way to teach color recognition and helps children improve their fine motor skills. So, let your child get creative and unleash their inner artist with these preschool rainbow activities.


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