The Story of Jubi the Brave


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Our patients are brave. They face things they don’t fully understand with a spirit that continues to astonish us. Jubi was featured at the 2016 Table Tops Spring Event, an annual fundraising event for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. This is her story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jubi. She had some bumps and bruises that looked pretty scary. Her mommy did what good mommies do, she took Jubi to the doctors and said, “look at this, what should we do?” The doctors insisted that she was perfectly fine, that it might be a virus, but weren’t sure and needed more of a sign.

A few weeks later a blood test confirmed the worst kind of news. Jubi had cancer and now there was no time to lose. So they whisked Jubi off to see more doctors, this time the best around. They work at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and this hospital’s work is profound. So for months and months and months, cancer treatment ensued. That meant surgery and ports and needles of all sorts.

It wasn’t fair, but Jubi didn’t seem to mind. She loved her caregivers, everyone was so kind. They became her guardians, and they would never let her down. They helped her fight her cancer while she played and made friends all around. She lost all her hair and had days of feeling yucky, but she’s tough, she’s brave, and some even say lucky. Today, Juby has new brown hair and is back on the ice. Hockey’s her game and she plays it real nice. What’s next for Juby? Only this much is clear– She will face it bravely, without even a tear.

The Guardians of Childhood is an initiative through St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri that helps every kid be and stay healthy through a variety of programs. A key priority of the Guardians of Childhood is to discover better treatments and find cures for childhood illnesses and diseases. Thanks to innovative partnerships and generous donors, we are shaping the future of pediatric medicine.

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