Stop Toddlers Throwing Food in 5 Steps


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Argh! It’s so frustrating to prepare food for our babies and toddlers only for them to then promptly throw it on the floor, am I right? If you’re not sure how to handle it when your toddler throws food and this behavior is repeating in your home, it can be so aggravating – but you’re not alone! Hi, I’m Avital, aka The Parenting Junkie, and if you’re an intentional parent, but feel overwhelmed, you’re in the right place – our goal is to help and support you to love parenting and parent from love. Keep watching for the 5 steps I use to stop toddlers throwing food (and eating and playing independently at the appropriate time and place).

00:00 Why Stop Toddlers Throwing Food?
00:38 #1 – Normalize it (schemas)
02:12 #2 – Stay calm (unruffled)
03:53 #3 – Say what you want to see (manifest)
04:40 #4 – Don’t play the game (stay out of power struggles)
06:16 #5 – Give them alternatives (satisfy their natural urges)

With all these tips, the more frustrated you are with your toddler the more it’s worth trying! What’s worked for you? Share with me on Instagram ( or ask questions in our Facebook Group (

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