Minimalist Christmas (Why You Should Opt OUT of the Gift Giving Frenzy)


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Minimalist Christmas (Why You Should Opt OUT of the Gift Giving Frenzy)

The Parenting Junkie today talks about reconsidering gift giving during the holidays. Do you receive too many Christmas presents every year? Are you looking for an eco-friendly Christmas this year? Looking to support conscious consumerism? Wondering what to do on Cyber Monday for kids? Minimalist Christmas gifts can be anything from experiences to IOUs. But why give minimalist toys and minimalist gifts? Because minimalist kids toys are clutter free gifts. Have less JUNK in your home! You CAN be a minimalist with kids this holiday season by saying NO to the gift giving frenzy. Minimalism with kids means delayed gratification and saying no to the trends of abundant gift giving. Christmas consumerism has increased every year and it is time we say no to a Christmas consumerism holiday! Learn why you should consider a minimalist Christmas this year void of consumerism!


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