LoveParenting: 10 Yogi Principles for Parenting – What Yoga has taught me about parenting

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1. Practice Non-Violence

2. Develop a Mantra

3. Simplicity

4. Contentment

5. Connect to Your Breath

6. Keep Flowing – Moving Meditation

7. Stay on Your Own Mat

8. If it’s Too Strenuous, Go to Child’s Pose

9. Keep Coming Back to Your Mat

10. Beginners Mind

To stay in beginners mind means to maintain an openness – to honor that we – and our children – are ever-changing. It entails being responsive to our inner selves and outer selves. And knowing that we really never KNOW ourselves, our children, or our partner. We are always changing. And that’s a beautiful thing.
Our Amazing Community (join here!) has pooled together their favorite go-to parenting mantas and I just LOVE them.

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