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Parenting is the most meaningful project you have ever embarked on, raising another human being. You are a CEO. You are a powerful, strong leader. Treat yourself as such. Invest in yourself. ↓↓↓ Read More! ↓↓↓

Ask yourself, “If I were the CEO of a company, would I invest in myself?” Would you instill success habits, take courses and training, focus on personal growth, and enlist the help and support of a team in order to succeed?

Now ask yourself, “As a parent, am I investing in myself?” Am I expecting success without the support, parenting tips, and education?

In this Investing In Yourself video, The Parenting Junkie shares that often, when we try to figure out how to be successful in life, we look at success stories in the business world and we think that the people who’ve got it together are more talented.

However, successful people weren’t born with more natural gifts than anyone else. If you look at the daily habits of successful people, you’ll see that they were just relentless at their craft.

In this video, you’ll learn how to reach the same level of mastery, and the habits of highly effective people that you can apply to parenting leadership. Invest in Yourself, CEO!

[00:00] Intro
[00:14] Parenting is a high stakes “job” (I know it’s a relationship and not a job…but hear me out).
[00:43] But we often downplay our role as a parent.
[01:33] As parents, we’re CEOs of our families.
[03:25] The work we do as parents is meaningful and important.
[04:12] Let’s start thinking of ourselves as CEOs
[04:27] Let’s show up with zest, joy, and interest.
[04:37] Let’s take pride in the work we’re doing. We’re not “just” moms or dads. We’re leaders.
[05:29] We should invest in ourselves like a CEO. Read books, listen to podcasts, learn more about our craft.
[06:36] People who are “successful” aren’t necessarily more talented. They’re often relentless in their pursuit of growing in their craft.

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You are the CEO – Invest in Yourself!

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