How to Spark Independent, Solitary Play (STREW FOR SOLO PLAY)

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The Parenting Junkie illustrates how to spark solitary play and explains what independent play is. How can we facilitate independent play? Often we inhibit it by doing the exact things we are recommended to do to encourage solitary play. In this video you’ll learn how to encourage solo play and how to encourage your child to play independently with strews. Children need independent play. In order to support independent play consider how much passive entertainment is in the home. Independent play for toddlers and independent play for babies is going to look a bit different. It’s best to have things set up separately for them in order to encourage independent play for each child. Setting up an invitation to play is another way to teach a child to play independently. We call it an imaginative strew. When encouraging independent play you should not choose the play, all play should be child led play. In this video you will learn how to encourage your child to play independently and examples of strews that support independent, solitary play. As you follow child-led play instead of adult led, your children will play more independently. By the end of this video you’ll know how to set up a strew to inspire playing solo.

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Solitary Play – 7 Reasons To Encourage Playing Solo

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