How to Pull Your Child’s Loose Baby Tooth

As children get older, a popular question from parents is how to pull your child’s loose baby tooth. Dr. Emily Hahn, Pediatric Dentist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, encourages parents or children to pull loose baby teeth themselves and shares why it is necessary to get them out in a timely manner. After washing their hands, Dr. Hahn recommends having your child wiggle their own loose tooth by doing a twisting motion for loose teeth in the front and a rocking motion for those in the back. Children over 6 years old can use an over-the-counter numbing medication, but only once a day.

If left too long, loose baby teeth may aggravate the gum tissue, causing them to swell and become a food trap. It’s also possible for children to get shark teeth, when a baby tooth that is not budging interferes with a permanent tooth, which usually requires extraction by a dentist. For any questions or concerns, remember that your dentist is here to help.

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