How I Work At Home With FOUR KIDS!

How I work at home with four kids, homeschool, and create family bliss!
Everything You Need to Create a Family Life You Love πŸ‘‰
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Working at home with kids is difficult, no doubt, but how you cope with the stress of working from home with toddlers or babies will make or break your success. Trying to work from home with kids can be stressful, and when we don’t have the right tools in our toolbox to work from home with children, we may try and reduce the stress with numbing strategies. This can exacerbate the difficult situation and make mom burnout or parenting burnout inevitable. The Parenting Junkie talks about how to work at home with kids by categorizing your work. You can learn how to work at home with a baby and feel relaxed at the end of the day. You can learn how to work at home with a toddler and be on a conference call while they play independently. There are many tips for working with kids and how to get stuff done with kids at home but there is nothing out there quite like the advice Avital offers. Tips for working at home don’t include binge eating chocoloate or binge drinking wine, but learning how to get work done with kids playing independently. Tips for working with kids include making a list of what work can be done with kids and what must be done without. By the end of this video you will understand how to work at home with toddlers who are clingy and needy, and how to ensure you don’t require wine as a coping mechanism! There are ways to get work done with kids at home!

Don’t just survive…thrive.

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