HELP! I HATE MY CHILD (What to do if you dislike your child)

Feeling hatred toward your child is a symptom of a different problem. This is a controversial and taboo topic, but it’s not that uncommon for parents to sometimes feel disgusted and think or say “Go away!” “Leave me alone.” “I don’t like you.” “I don’t want you.” “I don’t love you.” “I hate you!” towards their kids. So what’s causing that very uncomfortable sensation and feeling?

Don’t stay stuck with the feeling that there’s something wrong with you or something wrong with your child – let’s break this down:

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0:00 What if I hate my child?
1) This is normal. But even though it’s normal, there are things we can do about it.
2) It passes… change is ______
3) Your child might be going through a hard time right now
4) YOU might be going through a hard time right now
5) You hate their behaviors (or the way they make you ______), not them
6) You can do something about it! Take a ______ if you can
7) Coach yourself: Soften your ______ language – envision being loving
8) Inhibit yourself – imagine you were being ______
9) Imagine it’s your last day on ______
10) Invision your ______ moments with your child
11) List out the things that are ______ about your child
12) Reframe their ______ traits
13) Engage in ______ – bonding behaviors
14) Remember that love is sometimes a choice – ______ it till you make it
15) Use ______ and remember you’re not always a picnic yourself!

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