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FINISH STRONG 💪 Wrap It Up With Presence 🎁 Join me in a free 30-day Mindset Challenge to FINISH 2020 STRONG and beckon in a new year with a renewed sense of resilience, hope and optimism! ↓↓↓ Read More! ↓↓↓

We have no spare days… whatever this year has brought to you or taken from you – it’s time to close with closure, make friends with the past and squeeze all the last drops of goodness out…

How To Take This Challenge:

1️⃣ Answer the Daily Prompts

Every day you will receive a new prompt on the YT Community Tab, Facebook or Instagram – think it over and answer the questions either in the comments for community and accountability, in your own post, in your stories, or you can print out the Finish Strong journal and answer the prompts there.


There are no right answers. This is about self-reflection, awareness, processing and allowing ourselves to face our truth.

2️⃣ Watch the Weekly Videos/ Listen to the Podcasts

This month’s free content is all about #FinishStrongWithTPJ (follow the hashtag on social!) – we’ll talk processing events to avoid lingering trauma, living with duality, grief and finding silver linings, rethinking mistakes and failures, and how to handle a “loss” of identity. These themes have been specifically designed to help you rewire your brain to Finish Strong!

3️⃣ Take It to the Next Level

If you want to receive my formula for starting fresh and learn how to map out your upcoming year – you’ll want to check out our December Package – Create Vision. In it, you will get clarity on your family’s purpose, values and goals, so that you can lead your family with clear direction and a compelling game plan.

Are you ready to Finish Strong? Grab your Finish Strong Guide, and let’s forgive the mistakes made, heal lingering wounds, reflect on the lessons learned and finish the year strong!


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Finish Strong

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