An Attitude of Gratitude (How to Teach Mindfulness for Children)

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An attitude of gratitude within your mind is the first step for learning how to teach mindfulness for children. Having an attitude of gratitude means that you practice gratitude daily and have gratitude for life, no matter the circumstances. The Parenting Junkie shares how to go about teaching children gratitude (you can even start teaching gratitude to preschoolers!) and it begins with learning to have gratitude yourself. Teaching kids gratitude is easy! There are many midfulness exercises for kids, but today Avital invites you to begin teaching mindfulness to children by writing the first page of a daily gratitude diary with your kids and list everything you are thankful for in these difficult times. Maybe your child has gratitude for friends who showed kindness and gratitude to them over Zoom, or maybe they have gratitude for you and all you do for them! Taking the time for explaining mindfulness to children will gift them a life of gratitude.

Don’t just survive…thrive.

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