Being a parent is hard (and it’s OK to say it)


Being a parent is hard. There are certain things that are beyond tough and if you’re anything like me, you will have instinctively said that you’re OK… like all the time. The thing is, sometimes you’re not OK and it’s totally fine to say that.


Deprivation of sleep was hands down for me the worst part of having a newborn – it’s even tougher when the baby decides to sleep like a dream for a month, and then regress to their nocturnal animalistic habits.

I think when people asked how I was, I just got bored of saying tired.

The truth was I was beyond tired and in fact, feeling tired would have been a number of steps up from how I felt!

As a new parent, you want to feel like you’ve got your stuff together, but the thing is when you’ve not had a good night’s of sleep in forever, it can be hard to function normally. Looking back, I wish I’d accepted more help when it came to sleeping. I think I thought by being a martyr and pushing through, I was doing my bit. In reality, I was just getting more tired doing something that somebody else would have happily done.

Missing your old life?

Something I’m frequently asked now I’m a dad is: “Don’t you miss being able to do what you want?”. I have to say, I don’t miss my pre-baby life too much. Of course hangovers will never be what they once were, with sofa and films all day, but apart from that I’m fine.

Something I have noticed my other dad friends really struggle with is how much their lives have changed. The thing is, a lot of the time, they don’t want to talk about it and therefore they can’t do anything about feeling the way they do. Some of my mum friends are the same.

Saying you miss your old life isn’t a crime. I love that the new wave of bloggers are happy to admit that – I’m not saying neglect your parenting duties, but I am saying that it’s totally OK to want to let your hair down.


Now this is going to sound weird, but something I’ve found myself struggling with is how quickly my boy is growing up. I hadn’t realised how much anxiety it has been causing me, but I have recently been really conscious that I’m working loads and he’s getting so big.

It’s strange how it manifests itself though, and it wasn’t until I spoke to my wife about it that I started to feel better. It made me realise how important it is to share your feelings as a parent. Silly things can actually feel like huge things, but a good chat often makes your feelings seem normal again. Don’t bottle it up!

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